Strategic Goals

Core business in 2022

Our core business is providing a family support program which includes support, connection, education, advice and guidance. This program is the central pillar of Olivia’s Place, and is a distinct, unique feature of our service.

Our material aid program contributes to our provision of family support by helping to reduce the financial stress on those who use our service.

One of the main benefits of these services is that they directly reduce risk factors associated with adverse perinatal mental health outcomes and family violence.


Key areas of focus

When looking at where we want to be at the end of 2022, the Olivia’s Place board considered six key areas of focus. These are:

1. Programs and services

Ensure both our programs and our broader organisation run in a way that is safe, evidence-based, and high-quality.

2. Finances and funding

Be financially stable to enable future growth.

Be clear on the costs associated with running each program and operations at Olivia’s Place.

Grow funding from community fundraising, philanthropic grants, and local businesses.

Obtain a multi-year stream of recurrent funding for operations.

3. Human resources

Establish position descriptions with clearly defined roles.

Establish a volunteer coordinator role to support the volunteer team.

Intentionally target people with skill sets that match our high-need volunteer areas.

4. Built infrastructure

Have security and stability around our physical spaces.

5. Partnerships

Have established partnerships with local businesses, government and stakeholders that are well maintained at all times (not just when funding is required).

Explore collaborative partnerships or consortium opportunities for service delivery and improving outcomes for Gippsland families.

6. Governance

Through accreditation (against the QIC Health and Community Services Standards), ensure the Board, staff and volunteers have clear policies, procedures and frameworks in place that mitigate risk and ensure accountability and high-quality services to the families of Gippsland.