• Our Vision

    Supported parents, thriving children and connected families.

  • Our Mission

    To support and encourage families during pregnancy and early parenting through community engagement and the provision of resources, education and professional services.

  • Community

    We facilitate connectedness for new mums, dads and extended family members through the collective contribution of the ‘village’ and services around them. 

  • Integrity

    We deliver reliable, professional, high quality services that accurately reflect the dedication, honesty and credibility of Olivia’s Place and its team. We support and value those within our team in a way that reflects our message to and purpose within the community around us. 

  • Respect

    We acknowledge the privilege of being invited to support a new family’s journey by respecting the individual and their family cultural background. 

  • Empowerment

    We connect families to services and programs that meet their individual needs and that give them the information, confidence and strength to make their own best decisions during all stages of pregnancy and parenting. 

  • Inclusiveness

    We welcome all families with young children, regardless of age, race, culture or beliefs. All new parents should have access to services that meet their social, emotional, and material needs. 

  • Accessibility

    We offer open and direct engagement of families in innovative ways that suit their individual abilities and preferences. 


Olivia's Place values diversity and appreciates the many cultural, social and spiritual backgrounds and experiences that shape an individual's sense of self and is committed to welcoming each person to our village in a way that embraces their unique identity.


Olivia’s Place is committed to child safety. We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. All team members (Board Directors, employees, volunteers and students) are required to sign a Child Safety Code of Conduct, adhere to our Child Safety Policy and undergo and maintain screening checks throughout their appointment with Olivia’s Place.