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 Olivia’s Place exists to support mums and dads at any stage of pregnancy - from learning you are pregnant, throughout your pregnancy and birth and then through your baby’s first 12 months.

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During Pregnancy:

Pregnant woman looking out windowWhether you are expecting your first or fifth baby, a planned for or an unexpected pregnancy, Olivia’s Place's professional staff and volunteers can help you work through and identify your needs, then provide you directly with support or point you in the right direction for the local services best able to assist you. We are available to both mums and dads, as well as any other extended family members involved in your situation and wondering how best to offer support.

OurBaby Steps: Parenting Mattersprogram assists you in your preparation for welcoming your baby home. It bridges the gap between the antenatal classes that prepare you for childbirth, and commencing your council run mother’s group program through the local council. Covering topics such as sleeping patterns in a newborn; coping with crying and reading your baby's cues; car seat safety; babywearing; bonding with your baby; and more, this program provides you with invaluable insight into the life of a new parent to help set you on the right foot in your parenting journey. Aimed at first time parents during their pregnancy, this program runs throughout the year. Register HERE for a course to suit your needs.

During Early Parenting:

The first days, weeks and months after having your baby can be a whirlwind of emotions for both parents. Olivia’s Place helps to prepare you for these early weeks through parenting preparation programs and one-on-one sessions during the antenatal period. If you are the new parent of a young baby experiencing a lack of confidence in understanding your baby’s needs and typical patterns, we can also help you to find your way by talking it through or referring you to another service able to assist your needs.

Services Available:

DSC_0339-smallServices are provided by Olivia’s Place according to your identified needs through a confidential appointment with one of our client consultants at the Centre. We perform an intake assessment over the phone and will then offer you an appointment in a comfortable, private setting where we can chat, learn about your situation, and work with you to identify your needs and discuss how we can help. During your appointment we will arrange to provide you with services we can offer directly, or refer you to a local service able to meet your determined area of need. If you feel you'd benefit from chatting with one of our consultants, contact us here, or via phone or emailRead below to learn more about the ways we assist families.

For the Dads:

148411759We’re not here for just the mums. It can be hard to find a balance between home and work when you’re welcoming a new little one. It can also be difficult to manage the changing dynamics to new and existing relationships when a new baby is on the way or has already arrived. We believe Dads play an important role not just in the lives of their children, but also in the ongoing relationship with their child’s mum whether that involves parenting together or separately, and we have plenty of resources and information available to help dads settle into their new role and find fulfillment.

Areas of need that Olivia’s Place can assist with directly include the following:


  • Material Support
    • Maternity Clothing
    • Infant Clothing
    • Nursery Needs
    • Baby bundles
  • Emotional Support
    • Someone to talk to
    • Ongoing appointments
    • Referral to other supportive organisations/services
    • Early identification of risks for perinatal depression and referral to aid in prevention
  • Social Supports
    • Navigation of services available and appropriate referral
    • Information about local playgroups and other ways to reduce social isolation as a new parent
    • Teen mum groups/mentoring
    • Early identification and risk management/support in situations of family violence including liaising with other support agencies where appropriate
  • Practical Supports
  • Financial Supports
    • Identifying government payment support availability
    • Liaising with government support agencies
    • Budgeting assistance
    • In some cases we may be able to provide direct financial support


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