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Cleaning Tips for a Pram or Car Seat

We understand that prams and car seats get well-loved when in use by your little one. If we are to be able to pass it on to a new mum or dad, then we want to know that it’s in great, clean condition. The following are some tips to help you get your donation to us up to scratch.

Remove whatever covers are able to be removed and wash according to the washing instructions. You can then clean the frame using the tips included here, as well as to clean up any stubborn stains on the covers.

Hard frames of equipment can be scrubbed with a scrubbing brush, and a great cleaning solution to help them sparkle is a solution of 50/50 baking soda and castile soap with a bit of water. Once the frame is scrubbed clean, hose it down to get into all the sides, nooks and crannies. It’s best to do this on a hot, sunny day so that all of the items are able to dry quickly and thoroughly.

For stubborn stains use the same ingredients but mix to a thick paste and scrub the stains/covers with a hard bristle brush.   You can then hose down and dry in the sun, or wash covers in the washing machine (according to the instructions).

The great things about these cleaning ingredients is that they’re all natural, so no harsh chemicals in your home for your little ones to get into, and no harsh chemicals left on the items to be donated so no irritants for a new baby.


*Photo Credits - St Kilda Mums' Facebook Page.

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