Babywearing Information Sessions & Lending Library

Kirsten has been endorsed with Babywearing Victoria Incorporated as a Peer Educator for babywearing.  This means Olivia's Place is now able to help you learn about babywearing and its benefits and inform you about various carrier options.

We've also received donations of carriers from ByKay and Babes in Arms to start us off with a lending library.  We are insured to offer a full lending library service to the local community.  Contact us for more details!


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St Kilda Mums Supports Us

We travelled to St Kilda Mums, where we received valuable training from their team (including Jessica McPherson - CEO) in safely checking and preparing preloved nursery items to families.  St Kilda Mums is being incredibly generous in their time and expertise whilst assisting us to setup this new aspect of our service, and we are so grateful of their support.



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